Hear from some of our clients on how their health check gave them the power to take their health into their own hands.  From autoimmune disease to pre-diabetes, liver issues to cholesterol, Vitamin D deficiency to muscle inflammation, we’ve seen it all.

We help our clients discover the hidden things in their body that aren’t quite right. Doing this at the earliest possible stage lets you do something about it and improve your future health.

Max Whitlock - Mid Test

Max Whitlock


My Everyman test at Randox was a really good one for me because it almost set a benchmark on where I’m at now so I done the test at the very beginning of my build-up and my preperation as we move into Paris.

Bianca Cook - Featured Image.

Bianca Cook


it’s so important for me to learn about my body and keep ontop of my inflammation, my iron levels to ensure I’m at my best.”

Daryll Neita - At Randox Health Great Portland Street, London.

Daryll Neita


Thanks so much to Randox Health for one of the most in-depth tests I’ve ever had!

My results where good, although l’ve upped my Vitamin D intake as a result & I now have peace of mind as I head into a busy summer of athletics and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Duncan Scott - using BCG Machine at Randox Health Glasgow

Duncan Scott


Everything you do as a swimmer is being channelled through the window of your technique but there’s external factors such as nutrition, recovery, sleep that contribute those 1 percent’s.

With that in mind, I think the the Randox Health Everyman check was spot-on and I’m really glad that I done it.


Sam Cairns


Randox Health were a key part of my preparation and success in summiting Mount Everest. When I had my first test, I had a couple of months to go before I left for Nepal and was putting my body through extreme physical and mental training every day.

Camilla Tominey – The Telegraph


The whole point of Health MOT is to give patients the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their own wellbeing rather than leaving things to chance. We service our cars every year, so why not our bodies?




Having Crohns means that I have to be more proactive with my health and wellbeing.  It’s an auto immune condition so any way I can improve things with my wellbeing I’ll do that.




The consultant informed me that if the condition had not been discovered as early as it had been by Randox Health, it would have resulted in major surgery.




Sir AP McCoy came to us after a lifetime dedicated to becoming the world’s most successful jockey. He wanted to know how he could ensure his health for the future.




My results arrived and I found out that I had a few minor issues, including iron and Vitamin D deficiency, but what stood out the most was a suspected stomach infection.

Dave Testimonial


I love the simplicity of Randox testing, not only do they give me the results, they also provide me with a plan to address any issues. I test my blood every 6 months. Prevention is better than cure.

Visiting Randox quite possibly saved my live.

Ralph Testimonial


I do shudder to think of what might have happened had I not had the initial tests, I could be riddled with bone metastases by now! So a BIG, BIG thank you to Randox Laboratories. I do consider you have probably saved my life!




Randox provided a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, smooth process and were so welcoming the whole way along up until I got my results. I’d even liken it to doing coffee with a friend!




I have to say I was quite apprehensive about what the results might show and my concern was well founded. Within 10 days I had my report, which highlighted a number of potential health issues.




For powerlifter Scotty Darroch, the first step in improving his physical and mental health was obtaining a comprehensive understanding of his body, to determine areas for improvement.




I took the opportunity to also offer my sister and mother Everywoman programmes for their upcoming birthdays and we made a day out of the trip to Belfast to visit the Randox Health Clinic in Holywood.




I think there’s always that part of you that doesn’t want to know if you have any health problems – having worked with Randox to raise awareness of men’s health issues during Movember, I’m trying to change that.




Alana shared her journey over twelve months through our most comprehensive health screen – our Signature programme – kicking off with an introduction to her health, her hobbies and her horses.