Testimonial: Paul Kirkpatrick.

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Paul Kirkpatrick’s Randox Health Journey!

My decision to sign up to a Randox Health programme followed some significant self-reflection on my lifestyle and some growing concerns about my health. I was aware that I was getting older and that there was a family history of heart problems which had in some cases led to premature death.

I am a senior manager with a large engineering company which can be quite stressful at times. This coupled with a lack of exercise and a not particularly heathy diet was the catalyst for me contacting Randox. It’s hard to put my finger on it but I just didn’t feel particularly healthy. Another motivating factor for me was my decision to retire in my mid-fifties and a desire to enjoy life. So I took the plunge and can honestly say it has been life changing!

My first appointment was at the Randox Health clinic in Hollywood. The facilities were excellent and from the outset the whole process was very straight forward and the team at Randox could not have been more helpful. That first appointment involved me giving blood samples and having other key health measurements taken.

I have to say I was quite apprehensive about what the results might show and my concern was well founded. Within 10 days I had my report, which highlighted a number of potential health issues. Most concerning to me was my overall cardiovascular risk score (25%) which indicated that I was at high risk of having a coronary event with the next ten years. High cholesterol, with particularly high LDL (bad) cholesterol, high blood pressure and genetic indicators associated with an increased risk of potential coronary issues were all prevalent. This was the wakeup call that I needed!

The report also included recommendations on ways I could positively impact my health, including specific exercise and diet recommendations. Shortly after receiving the report an appointment was made for me to have a consultation with a Randox doctor who explained in a very helpful way what the results meant and what my next steps should be. For me it was regular exercise and a completely different diet. On the exercise front I made time for walking on a daily basis. This was hard at first but soon became part of my daily routine. The change in diet was also tough at first but I soon realised that it was making a difference which motivated me to carry on.

After six months, I then had a follow up appointment and provided new blood samples for analysis. It was mid-January when I started my Randox Health journey and on writing this 6 months later I’m 3 stone lighter, my cholesterol, my blood pressure and other key health indicators are all now within recommended limits, and most importantly my overall cardiovascular risk score has now reduced to 10%. The positive impact this has had on me both mentally and physically has been dramatic. I feel great, my energy levels have increased significantly and I have a very positive outlook for the future.

It’s also completely changed my lifestyle. Before I went to Randox my daily routine consisted of very little physical exercise. Today I’m more active than ever. In fact just recently as a result of my increased energy levels I’ve even started cycling as a regular form of exercise. If you had told me before starting this journey that I’d take up cycling I would not have believed it!

To achieve such dramatic changes in my health results has been really quite easy. I simply followed the specific recommendations that I was given by my Randox Health doctor, but the impact these simple changes have had on my life has been priceless. Thanks Randox! I can’t wait for my next appointment in another six months’ time to see how things are progressing.

If, like Paul, you want to take control of your future health, take action today.

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