Take Control of Your Wellbeing with a Health MOT.

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“The whole point of Health MOT is to give patients the tools and knowledge they need to take control of their own wellbeing rather than leaving things to change…” – Camilla Tominey, Associate editor, The Telegraph.

Home testing has been on the rise since the pandemic and, as of next spring, “Midlife MOT” testing kits are to be rolled out to all those over the age of 40 – that is up to fifteen million adults across the UK.

Research suggests, one in four people are at risk of developing at least one underlying health condition. With home testing and in-clinic testing designed to identify current health status and potential health risks available at Randox Health, clients are empowered to take control of their health and make simple lifestyle changes to help prevent future illness.

Randox Health have over twenty clinics placed throughout the UK and Ireland, delivering a range of full body health checks. The Discovery package, available for £195, covers all the markers you need in one health test to take a proactive approach to help monitor your health.

For a more comprehensive health check, the popular Everyman | Everywoman health package priced at £295 measures up to 150 data points including heart health, hormonal health, and digestive health. Your results are available in 2-5 working days to provide unrivalled insights into your full body wellbeing. Repeat testing is included after 6 months to help you keep on track of your health data and identify areas for further improvement.

Associate editor of The Telegraph, Camila Tominey, recently wrote about how her experience of our elite Signature Platinum package, which she describes as, “one of the most comprehensive health MOT’s money can buy.” The Signature package measures 350 data points relating to key health areas, including tumour markers, digestive health, sexual health, hormonal health, and genetic testing for a range of inherited conditions. Repeat testing is also included in this package to help clients make further improvements.

Camila also had a chat with one of Randox Health’s GP advisories, who was able to talk her through her results and help her understand them, as well as provide suggestions on how to improve any areas that may have been a concern. Camila adds, “…the experience left me feeling that knowledge is power.”

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For further information on Randox Health testing, visit here.