Testimonial: Sally Ann Grassick.

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Sally Ann Grassick’s Randox Health Journey!

I first heard about the Randox Health programmes from my work as a presenter for ITV Racing, through Randox Health’s generous sponsorship of the Grand National at Aintree.

I was very interested in the idea of the Everywoman option after seeing it first hand while filming jockey Katie Walsh as she underwent her health check.

I didn’t have any particular concerns ahead of my health check, but I was keen to have a general health “MOT” now that I am in my thirties, to highlight if there is anything I should be aware of concerning my health and wellbeing.

I took the opportunity to also offer my sister and mother Everywoman programmes for their upcoming birthdays and we made a day out of the trip to Belfast to visit the Randox Health Clinic in Holywood. The service was excellent and although the appointment took very little time, the staff were very thorough with their questions about my general wellbeing from the information I had provided in the questionnaire prior to my appointment.

The report with my results arrived a week later and it was fascinating reading – a complete profile of my health.

I had to return to the Randox Health Clinic a few weeks later for a follow up test, due to something that had been flagged from my first appointment, where the nurse read through my results with me in detail. She drew attention to my slightly raised cholesterol level, something which is genetic in my case and was also highlighted in both my sister’s and mother’s results, and suggested ways in which we can try and lower it over the coming months.

She also made recommendations for supplements I should take including Vitamin D which I was lacking in. Overall my health was good and it was a relief in itself to hear that. I have already included some of the recommendations in my daily routine in an attempt to improve those results when I return for my follow up tests in six months’ time.

My sister and my mother were also delighted with their results which made some small recommendations to manage existing minor health conditions for each of them and highlighting the same raised cholesterol level as my results did. People often say that good health is something that can’t be bought but I think a Randox Health programme is a very worthwhile use of money and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.


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