Testimonial: Shane Todd.

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How an Everyman Health Check helped Shane Todd

“I got diagnosed with Crohns Disease around six years ago.  Since then i’ve been really keen to explore ways I can improve my condition and overall health.  The Everyman Programme was a way for me to get a clear picture of what’s going on with my body. 

I’ve always been fit and healthy, having Crohns means that I have to be more proactive with my health and wellbeing.  It’s an auto immune condition so any way I can improve things with my wellbeing i’ll do that.

“I was really surprised to find out my cholesterol was slightly out of the desirable bracket.  I associated cholesterol with older people who may have been overweight.  Overall, I didn’t expect the results to be as good as they were in most cases.  I’d lost a lot of weight and was having flareups, but it was reassuring my body was working hard to do as well as it could.

There was a massive difference the next time I did the programme.  Althought I felt great, I was still surprised of the improvement.  It’s a great confidence booster.

Overall, I found the health check process much quicker and less evasive that you would think.  The results were sent out so quickly and everything was explained to me in detail.

I would absolutely recommend the Everyman health check to anyone.  I’ve already told friends and family to get it done – for peace of mind alone it’s such a great thing to do.”

The Everyman health check helped Shane Todd to better understand his health. This comprehensive full body health check delivers 150 data points linked to heart, kidney, metabolic syndrome, hormone and more. Including repeat testing in 6 months to track changes to your health.

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