Testimonial: Tom Grant.

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How a Randox Health Check helped Tom Grant

“As part of our company care scheme we enlisted Randox Health to offer our employees the benefit of a health check. I decided to take advantage of the enhanced package for a full in-depth check-up.   

“I have always had good health and kept a reasonable level of fitness. So just for peace of mind, age being a major factor, I was happy to take the opportunity to have the health check.

“The results were very revealing and much more in depth and informative than I had ever expected. Cholesterol, blood pressure and weight were highlighted to be factors – not too concerning but something I could change by slight changes in life style and diet.

“The major concern was blood in my urine, which had not been detectable by the naked eye.

“I was invited to a consultation with a Randox representative and was instructed to visit a Consultant Urologist as a matter of urgency. To enable this, I was given a referral letter from Randox.  

“On meeting the Consultant Urologist, I was given a series of in-depth tests which ruled out all of the major illnesses. This alone resulted in serious peace of mind. I was, however, found to have a 12mm stone in the kidney and advised it had to be removed immediately. The consultant informed me that if the condition had not been discovered as early as it had been by Randox Health, it would have resulted in major surgery. 

“I would highly recommend a Randox Health check to anyone, and have recently booked my daughter to have the same service, which I found to be excellent and very professional. All Randox representatives were courteous, pleasant and showed genuine interest in your health and well-being. The process itself was amazingly simple and conducted in a very pleasant and relaxed fashion.

“Thanks Randox, getting a health check is a great insight into your health and life-style.”

Tom Grant had an Everyman health check. This advanced set of tests delivers 150 results, more than any other programme available on the market. This ‘MOT’ for the body looks at the health of your heart, kidneys, metabolic syndrome, hormones and more.  

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