4 Diabetes Myths & When To Get A Heart and Diabetes Test.

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November 14th 2022 is World Diabetes Day! In honor of this, Randox Health are here to tackle four myths surrounding Diabetes aswell as why Vital, our heart and diabetes test is an accessible means of identifying cardiac and diabetic health issues at it’s earliest.

Diabetes is a condition where your body’s glucose levels is too high. This can happen when your body doesn’t produce the required amount of insulin or that the insulin the body does produce is not fit for purpose. Or your body can stop producing insulin entirely.

Myth 1: There is only one type of Diabetes

This is FALSE. There are two main types of Diabetes: type 1 and type 2.

Type 1 is when your body fails to produce insulin entirely. We all need insulin to survive as it completes the essential job of allowing glucose to enter our cells and fuel our bodies. There is no known cause or cure for Type 1 Diabetes. About 8% of people with Diabetes have type 1. It is a serious and lifelong condition.

Type 2 is when the insulin you produce doesn’t work effectively or you cannot make enough of it. Around 90% of people with Diabetes have type 2. It is a serious condition and can be lifelong in certain cases. The causes of type 2 are vast including lifestyle, diet and medical history.


Myth 2: Diabetes has no known symptoms

This myth is also FALSE. When the body develops Diabetes there are a range of symptoms to be aware of. The easiest way to remember some of the most common is the 4T’S:

Toilet – Frequent Urination

Thinness – The body can experience unexplained weight loss

Thirst – Extreme Thirst

Tiredness – Extreme Fatigue

Dehydration - heart and diabetes test
Diabetes can have detrimental impacts on our immune system - heart and diabetes test

Myth 3: Diabetes can weaken your immune system

This myth is partially TRUE. A diabetes diagnosis can bring a list of complications in the future. These complications can include eye problems, foot problems, heart attacks, kidney problems and nerve damage to name a few. These complications arise from prolonged periods of high blood sugar levels.


Keeping track of your blood sugars, blood pressure and fats can help to reduce your chances of developing these complications. These small changes can give you the power to ‘own’ your health.

Myth 4: Randox Health can treat Diabetes

This myth is FALSE. However, Randox Health do provide our Vital full-body health check, an in-clinic blood pressure, heart & diabetes test. This test will allow you to find out glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol, blood cell and blood pressure levels to help diagnose and monitor Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.