Empowering Every Woman – Women’s Health Week 2024.

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As Women’s Health Week commences on May 12th, it’s an ideal opportunity to focus on an essential aspect of healthcare that often goes under the radar: comprehensive health testing specifically tailored for women. At Randox Health, we are committed to empowering women like you to take control of their wellbeing. We understand that each woman’s health journey is unique, which is why we offer a variety of specialised tests designed to provide deep insights into various health aspects.

From hormonal fluctuations to reproductive health, our tests are meticulously crafted to detect and address potential health issues early. This Women’s Health Week, join us in taking a step towards a future where every woman is equipped with the knowledge and tools she needs to thrive. Explore the benefits of regular health checks and discover how our comprehensive test offerings can become a cornerstone of every woman’s healthcare routine.

At Randox Health, we offer detailed health checks that are particularly significant for women, aiming to promote wellness and proactive healthcare management.


Specifically tailored for women, the Everywoman test provides a comprehensive overview of health markers crucial for female wellness. This test covers up to 150 data points related to key health areas including a full blood count, heart health, diabetes health and much more.

The Everywoman test also analyses thyroid function and reproductive hormones, like oestrogen and progesterone, which can impact menstrual cycles and influence menopausal transitions. These insights are essential for family planning and managing menopausal symptoms effectively.

With your Everywoman test, you’ll receive a 12-month plan, including 2 health checks, allowing you to monitor how any lifestyle changes you make affect your health. You can also choose to book a health and well-being discussion with a member of our highly trained team, or an appointment with one of our GPs, ensuring you fully understand all the information and data you get with your results report.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Testing

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects up to 1 in 10 women and can lead to symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycles and infertility. Our PCOS test [https://randoxhealth.com/en-GB/in-clinic/polycystic-ovary-syndrome] includes a range of markers such as testosterone and sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) to help diagnose this syndrome and guide appropriate treatment options.

It is recommended to take the test two to five days after the start of your period, ideally on day three. It can be taken any time if you do not have periods. It is also important to note that some types of hormonal contraceptive will affect your results.

Menopause Test

Menopause is the decline and cessation of reproductive potential as the follicles in the ovaries become depleted. In other words, menopause is when your periods stop because of changes in your hormone levels, usually between 45 and 55 years old.

Menopause brings with it much uncertainty but with a Randox Health test, you can get the information you need to help you understand the changes happening in your body. Our Menopause test [https://randoxhealth.com/en-GB/in-clinic/menopause] measures over 30 data points to help you better understand your hormone levels and evaluate other key aspects of health, including nutrition, risk of heart disease, thyroid function, and bone health.

This test measures hormone levels related to menopausal change, such as oestradiol and cortisol. Understanding these levels can help you manage symptoms and make small lifestyle changes to ensure a smoother transition during this natural phase of life.

Female Hormone Testing

Hormonal imbalances can lead to various health concerns and symptoms. Biomarkers like oestradiol, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), Luteinising hormone (LH), prolactin, and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) offer insights into reproductive function and potential imbalances.

The Female Hormone test [https://randoxhealth.com/en-GB/in-clinic/female-hormone-test] offers crucial insights into the balance of hormones that regulate menstrual cycles and fertility, as well as how hormone alterations can affect your general well-being. By examining markers like prolactin and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), the Randox Health Female Hormone test provides valuable information for diagnosing conditions like hormonal imbalances and supporting decisions related to reproductive health.

What’s even better? This test is available both in-clinic and as an at-home test kit. With the home Female hormone Test [https://randoxhealth.com/en-GB/at-home/female-hormone-test], we’ll provide simple instructions on how to take your sample with our revolutionary Tasso+ device, and a prepaid postage label, making it more convenient than ever to evaluate your hormonal health.

Nutrition & Lifestyle DNA Test

While not specifically a female health test, the Nutrition and Lifestyle DNA Test examines genetic markers that influence how your body responds to different nutrients. This test helps tailor dietary choices to your genetic makeup, enhancing your ability to manage nutrition and lifestyle according to personalized genetic insights.

In the Nutrition and Lifestyle DNA package, we test for variations in your genetic code that influence your response to nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle factors as well as your predisposition to certain nutritional diseases. Remember, carrying a risk variant does not necessarily mean that you will develop a disease, you may just be at higher risk of developing the disease. Common deficiencies and intolerances we test for include:

Lactose Intolerance
Gluten Intolerence
Vitamin Deficiency Risk
And Much much more

Women’s Health Week and Beyond

By focusing on these tests, Randox Health aims to empower women to take control of their health during Women’s Health Week and beyond. Regular health checks are not just a precaution—they are a pathway to understanding and achieving optimal health tailored to your needs. Whether managing hormonal balance, preparing for pregnancy, or simply striving for better overall health, our tests provide valuable insights that help women make informed decisions about their healthcare.

To get the data you need for optimal health, you can book your health test at our website. You can click the links above if you’re interested in any of the tests we’ve mentioned here. Alternatively, you can visit www.randoxhealth.com, where you’ll find our entire range of health tests, tailored to provide the information you need to empower yourself and become the healthiest version of you.

If you’d like to chat with us, you can reach us thorough any of our socials, or by completing our enquiry form.

This Women’s Health Week, we invite you to explore how these tests from Randox Health can support your journey towards a healthier future. Discover the power of informed, proactive healthcare—because when it comes to health, every woman deserves to feel her best, equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive.

That’s why until 18th May, you can save 20% off ALL female health checks (including Everywoman, Discovery & Signatures) using code WHW20.

   Join us at Randox Health and take an active step towards achieving optimal wellbeing with our comprehensive health checks.