The New Randox Health App.

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Take your health into your own hands, or rather the palm of your hand, with the perfect pocket health tracker.

Randox Health have launched a new app, which allows users to start, measure, and maintain a personal health journey. Other features available on the app allow seamless bookings at a clinic near you, ordering a home test kit, and also provides access to comprehensive health results. You will also be given the ability to track your steps, water intake, sleep, heart rate, log exercise workouts, and track your menstrual cycle.

Preventative health is all about early diagnosis, which relies upon the highly sensitive and extensive biomarker tests Randox Health use. Developed using Randox technologies, they are capable of measuring hundreds of biomarkers for the whole body, allowing preventative action against any future illness you may be at risk of.

Covering a wide range of health areas, from Male and Female Hormone home-test kits, which can be taken from the comfort of your own home, to booking a full-body health check appointment, such as the Everyman and Everywoman health packages, which can be booked at one of over 20 clinics across the UK & Ireland, including selected John Lewis stores.

Randox Health test results come in the form of a comprehensive yet simple to understand report, which is provided in the form of a hard copy report or available digitally through the new app. The results will detail the status of each of the biomarkers tested and what this means for its respective health category – even with the ability to identify any risk factors before symptoms can occur, providing the tools and knowledge needed to allow people to take control of their health.

Chief Operating Officer of Randox Health, David Ferguson has stated: “Our aim is to improve consumer access to preventative diagnostics and thereby promote both improvements in healthcare and overall quality of life. Our Randox Health Clinics have allowed us to bring the comprehensive technologies that Randox has been developing for over forty years directly to the consumer – and with our new app these services are even more accessible, literally at your fingertips.”

The new Randox Health app is now available to download on iOS, and is coming soon to Google Play.