The Benefits of Understanding Your Health Status.

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Randox Health believe in taking a proactive approach to health – making it their mission to delver accurate and informative preventative health directly to consumers, all the while helping to relieve some of the strain felt by the health service. More than 4.3 million people in the UK now live with diabetes. Additionally, 850,000 people could be living with diabetes who are yet to be diagnosed. (Diabetes UK, 2023)

The Office for National Statistics also estimates that one in nine adults – equating to more than five million people – have non-diabetic hyperglycaemia, or ‘pre-diabetes’.  Making it one of the most common conditions that people live with – most people with diabetes, with the right medication and management, can live completely unencumbered lives and new technologies are making it even simpler. However, if the right care is not provided, diabetes can increase your risk of several serious complications.

Journalist, Matt Rudd, with a group of colleagues from The Times UK, recently undertook the Randox Health Vital test – which allows you to understand your health baseline by reviewing vital health areas that could increase your risk of heart attack, stroke, and Type 2 diabetes.

Matt describes the test as ‘making sense’, “…even though most cases (of Type 2 diabetes) are linked to poor diet and obesity those people in the undiagnosed category are likely to be slimmer, younger and in good general health.”

Understanding your health data is vital in helping you to not only feel your best but can also help to prevent illness and reduce your risk of common conditions.

The Randox Health Vital health check provides insight into 4 essential health areas and provides key data empowering you to take control of your health:

Blood pressure and body composition are measured.

If left unmanaged, high blood pressure can increase your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Find out your levels of both good cholesterol (HDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Total Cholesterol/ HDL Ratio

(Higher than normal levels of LDL cholesterol may make you more likely to have heart problems or stroke.)

HbA1c levels are measured to provide an overall picture of average blood sugar levels over a period of weeks/ months.

HbA1c levels can be used to indicate prediabetes or diabetes.

13 markers are tested within Vital to give you fully measured insight into your blood count.

Red & White blood cells along with haemoglobin, lymphocyte and many others are included.

The easy-to-interpret report from this Health test will provide a breakdown of results, what they mean and next steps.

By finding out if you’re at increased risk of conditions such as those that the Vital package tests for, you can choose to make lifestyle changes to help improve your risk of these potentially devastating conditions. Find out more about Vital here.

Medical director for Randox Health, Dr. Gary Smyth provided the following comments for The Times article.

“I believe we should be screening more widely. As the adage goes, prevention is better than a cure. We’re not talking about eradicating type 2 diabetes, but we know it’s an entirely preventable disease with the correct lifestyle choices. It’s depression that there isn’t a system to test more people at a younger age.”

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