Testimonial: Stuart Penrose.

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Stuart Penrose’s Randox Health Journey!

An unexpected voyage of discovery – that’s how I would describe my Randox Health check.

Prior to testing I felt 100%, no complaints, but the truth is, you can never really know for sure. With a young family, I want to make sure I’m in the best health possible – after all, knowledge is power!

I was nervous waiting on my results which is only natural, but the results I received are actually helping me steer clear of future health pit falls.

For example, I was surprised to find out that my liver enzymes aren’t at the level you would expect for a guy of my age. Basically this means that my liver doesn’t react to alcohol in the same way as other people, and it doesn’t recuperate after drinking as well as it should.   

We all know that our own health systems and bodies are so unique, meaning that we each react differently to diet, to exercise, to our lifestyles, and this is just one of the characteristics that is unique to my own personal health profile.

So now I make sure to take one less glass of wine on a Friday night than I previously would have done. If that’s enough to keep me healthy, it’s not a hard choice! 

A great process, and an surprisingly insightful product with such practical information that I can so easily apply to my life.


If, like Stuart, you want to be the Front Runner of your own health, take action today.

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