Testimonial: Maeve McAllister.

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Maeve McAllister’s Randox Health Journey!

“When I went for the Randox Health check, I felt fine – I just wanted to make sure things were ticking along as they should. I’m quite young but I don’t see why I should wait until I start to develop issues to get healthy.

So it did come as a complete surprise when I got my results and discovered that I have iron deficiency anaemia. It wasn’t picked up before, but I’m so glad that I now know because it could have caused long term damage.

Since then, I’ve been advised to take some supplements to bring my iron levels back up and already I feel I’ve got more energy and my outlook has improved too.”

Maeve had an Everywoman health check. This advanced set of tests delivers 150 results, more than any other programme available on the market. This ‘MOT’ for the body looks at the health of your heart, kidneys, metabolic syndrome, fertility and more.  

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