Testimonial: Jack Hanna.

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Jack Hanna’s Randox Health Journey!

I was a little nervous before I got my Randox Health programme. On the day of my health screen the staff were very welcoming and friendly. A week or so later when I got the results, my Randox Health GP gave me advice on how to improve them. I found out for example, that I had a deficiency in Vitamin D. This helps control the calcium and phosphate in our bodies and is needed for healthy bones and muscles.

My Randox Health GP advised me to start taking a vitamin D supplement, so i did. When I had my 6 months retest the levels had greatly improved. Apparently, it’s quite common in Northern Ireland. It affects 2/5 people, that’s unsurprising given that our main source of Vitamin D is the sun! It feels good knowing I’ve chosen to protect my health and I’d recommend it to anyone.