Testimonial: Garry Jackson.

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Garry Jackson’s Randox Health Journey!

I think there’s always that part of you that doesn’t want to know if you have any health problems.  Working in Garrys Barber Shop in Holywood, which is a very male-dominated environment, I’m very aware of the fact that men in particular don’t like to open up about their health, or any problems that they’ve been having.

But having worked with Randox Health to raise awareness of men’s health issues during Movember, I’m trying to change that.

That’s why I decided to have my Randox Health programme – to lead from the front and let the men in the barber’s chair know that it’s ok to open up about their health, to take control and to make positive changes in their life to secure their health.

My barber shop has a very welcoming atmosphere, where men who have been coming to me for years to have their hair cut can feel relaxed in a familiar space, and the Randox Health clinic in Holywood is no different.  I have to say all the various Randox personnel I met were lovely and the whole process was effortless.

My results did flag up some issues – for example my Iron and Vitamin D levels were found to be low. That can cause fatigue and even impact on mental health but I’m taking supplements which will bring them back to a better level. On the whole I was pleased to find out I was fit and healthy. 

Both the scientist and the doctor I met were friendly and helped me to understand the results clearly. They told me that over 75% of Randox Health clients, like me, are found to be fit and well, but just have some small tweaks to make to maintain this good health.  That should put the minds of my barber clients, who may be a little anxious about the results of their health check, at ease!

For me, the steps I need to take to ensure I maintain my health have been relatively simple – as well as the supplements, I’ve introduced more ‘greens’ into my diet. Already I can notice a difference.

I have total peace of mind now that I have relatively good bill of health, which I’m sure has released some feel-good endorphins!

If, like Garry, you want to be the Front Runner of your own health, take action today.

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