Testimonial: Christopher Stevenson.

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Christopher Stevenson’s Randox Health Journey!

“I decided to take the Randox Health Everyman Programme to find out how healthy I was (even though I thought there were no issues), and to learn how to manage my health in the years to come. I don’t like the idea of leaving things to chance, especially if the solution is as a simple as a blood test!

“Soon after my initial consultation my results arrived in the post. I found out that I had a few minor issues, including iron and Vitamin D deficiency, but what stood out the most in my report was that the Randox Health team suspected I had a stomach infection.

“I hadn’t had any symptoms so I was incredibly surprised to hear this, but following a confirmatory breath test, I found out that I had an H. Pylori infection.  H. Pylori is a type of bacteria that infects the stomach and intestine, and is the most common cause of stomach ulcers, where the protective lining of the stomach is damaged.

“In turn it can lead to indigestion and heartburn, and additional problems including gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), an acid-free stomach, and nutrient malabsorption, so I’m incredibly grateful that it was picked up before any further health problems ensued.

“Pylori bacteria in my stomach could have additionally resulted in some mental health issues including my mood, my sleep pattern, and my stress levels, so I’m relieved I can now take action to ensure that doesn’t happen.

“It is particularly fitting to be able to talk about this part of my Randox Health experience during Men’s Health Month, given that so many people are now recognising the link between digestive issues and mental wellbeing.  Mental health is something that most men would be reluctant to discuss, and yet so many aspects of our lives can have an impact on it.  The digestive system can so easily influence mental health and with so many potential causes, it’s important to know the source to determine appropriate treatment.

“Health is such a crucial factor in maintaining an active lifestyle and getting the most out of life. Thanks to my Randox Health Everyman Programme I am more conscious of areas of my health that require monitoring, as well as ways I can be proactive in protecting and improving it.”

Christopher had an Everyman health check. This advanced set of tests delivers 150 results, more than any other programme available on the market. This ‘MOT’ for the body looks at the health of your heart, kidneys, metabolic syndrome, fertility and more.  

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