Randox Health Partners with WPA to provide improved access to preventative healthcare.

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Randox Health, the leading UK diagnostics and personalised health company is partnering with WPA health insurance to provide their customers with an exclusive 12% discount code off the Everyman/Everywoman in clinic tests and all smaller testing packages. This will help to improve access to diagnostic healthcare and promote health awareness amongst WPA’s members allowing them to ‘own their health.

Protecting your personal health is crucial for a productive, enjoyable life. Randox Health, the UK’s largest diagnostics company, provide personalised health insights allowing clients to feel empowered to make simple dietary and lifestyle changes giving them the power to own their health.

Randox Health has a network of high street clinics which will total 20 across the UK and Ireland by the end of 2022. The collaboration will give WPA’s customers exclusive discounts providing access to a range of diagnostic tests which can identify early signs of vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, allergies and key health concerns including heart, liver and kidney conditions priced from just £49.

Randox Health clinics also offer other comprehensive diagnostic programmes, including its ‘EveryMan’ and ‘EveryWoman’ 12-month programmes. These enable up to 150 data points linked to key health areas to be measured during the initial visit, the repeat test and consultation six months later, with a personalised health plan summarising results provided.

The discount will be available after 8th November 2022 to all WPA’s customers via their personal web portal and pioneering WPA Health App.  WPA are one of the leading not-for-profit health insurers in the UK helping families and companies access the best healthcare.


Randox Health partners with WPA

David Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer at Randox Health says:

“Randox Health are proud to be partnering with WPA with this exclusive discount. At Randox Health, our innovative diagnostic testing delivers a comprehensive overview of your health and can detect the earliest signs of illness. WPA’s members will now have a platform to connect with a growing number of those who are interested in owning their health.”

Uel Campbell of the WPA Healthcare Practice says:

“WPA are delighted about working with Randox Health. We provide access to the healthcare that we want for ourselves and our families. By partnering with like-minded individuals and companies such as Randox Health, we offer ground-breaking personal and business health insurance policies that have truly revolutionised healthcare in the UK.”