November – Putting the Spotlight on Men’s Health.

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November is a month where we can globally raise awareness and put a spotlight on men’s health issues. Prevention is better than cure, and we want you to take control of your own health and take action early to extend your life.

Men, we are with you

1 in 8 men in the UK will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, and some are more at risk than others. If you’re over 50, or men in your family have been diagnosed, you could be at higher risk.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men in the UK, with around 52,300 men diagnosed each year according to Cancer Research UK. The number of people diagnosed has increased over the last 10 years, mainly due to the population demographic getting older.

November men's health

Common issues men can experience with poor prostate health include:

  • Difficulty urinating – can be painful/burning
  • Blood in urine or semen
  • Difficulty in having an erection

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) is a protein made only by the prostate gland. A PSA test is a blood test to help detect prostate cancer or abnormality within the prostate. According to the NHS, a raised PSA could indicate prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, inflammation, or a urinary tract infection.

We Test PSA

Test PSA November men's health

Here at Randox Health, we are introducing our new standalone PSA test this November to put a spotlight on men’s health. During the month of November we are offering a 50% discount with the code NOVEMBER22. A PSA test examines the concentration of Total Prostate Specific Antigen (TPSA) in your blood.

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Why not get a comprehensive check?

A Randox Health Everyman health check includes a PSA test, alongside 150 data points linked to your overall health. Test results will identify if your PSA is at an optimal or excessive level, as well as a range of key areas including heart, muscle, and nutritional health. Repeat testing is included in the package to track changes to help you protect your future health.

*Please note PSA is not a diagnostic test for prostate cancer, but rather, for overall prostate health.

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