Menopause: Address Your Female Health Status Early.

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All women will experience menopause in their lifetime. It is important to address your female health status early to act accordingly.

Natural menopause occurs when a woman’s hormone levels naturally lower, and this causes their period to stop permanently. On average, women will experience natural menopause between the ages of 45-55. Menopause can occur earlier when ovaries are damaged by chemotherapy or due to a hysterectomy.

Going through the process of menopause can cause symptoms that negatively impact the daily lives of women. These symptoms can include hot flushes, brain fog, anxiety, irregular periods and more. Over 15% of women experience hot flushes and over 50% experience trouble sleeping. These menopause symptoms may interfere with work and quality of life.

Understanding your body especially in times where you are experiencing a hormonal balance is beneficial.

Randox Health understand the importance of addressing your female health status early. Here are our top 3 tips to help deal with menopause:

Speak to women going through the same thing

As the classic quote says, a problem shared is a problem halved. Family, friends, and colleagues could be experiencing the same symptoms as you. Sharing advice and empathy can help eliminate the feelings of loneliness with strength and comfort in numbers.

Menopause: address your health status early

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Switching up your diet can be beneficial when dealing with menopause. Having a calcium rich diet including foods such as milk, yoghurt and kale will help to keep your bones healthier. Having a routine filled with 8+ hours sleep as well as exercising regularly can help to minimise side effects. Try including weight-bearing activities where your feet and legs support your weight like walking, running, or dancing.

Test your female hormones early

Randox Health’s comprehensive Everywoman tests for over 150 biomarkers, as the world’s most comprehensive female health check. Available in all our Randox Health clinics.

The Female Hormone test provides an overview of hormone levels, highlighting any imbalance that could be affecting your fertility, mood, weight, and energy levels. We test for 8 key markers to give you an insight into your hormonal health.