John Lewis offering in-store blood tests that could help drive down NHS waiting lists..

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Retail giant John Lewis is to offer customers in-store blood tests in an unprecedented rollout across stores that could help drive down NHS waiting lists. The company has partnered with diagnostics firm Randox in a novel programme which will offer customers health checks, including those for certain cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

It is believed to be the first time blood tests are offered in department stores and follows the success of a pilot scheme last winter.

The news comes as Randox launches a suite of new blood tests which it says can pick up markers for some cancers at an early stage.

Randox has been in talks with senior NHS officials urging them to adopt its pioneering technology that identify abnormalities using a special microchip.

It believes its novel ‘lab on a chip’ tests for prostate, bladder and gastrointestinal cancers could cut the NHS waiting list by reducing the number of patients having to undergo invasive and sometimes painful diagnostic tests. This could include cystoscopies – the procedure that King Charles was likely to have undergone as part of investigations into his prostate condition.

NHS officials have been given data showing up to 2.2 million people could be lifted off the waiting list and £3 billion a year saved if the Randox blood cancer tests were routinely used in the NHS. Ministers are said to be examining the findings.

Checks for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fertility and hormonal health as well as genetic testing for disease are also being offered.

Blood samples are sent to labs and results are sent back to clients who are able to book post-report consultations.

Naomi Simcock, Executive Director, John Lewis, said customers are “increasingly seeking personalised, preventative health and wellbeing care.”

She added: “Our stores can play an important role by making vital services like healthcare more convenient and accessible.”

Dr Peter FitzGerald, Managing Director of Randox Health said: “Our comprehensive testing packages provide the foundation for individuals to take greater control of their health and optimise the potential to live well for longer. Randox’s presence in John Lewis stores will increasingly improve accessibility to leading healthcare prevention and wellbeing.”

A government spokesman said: “We have already made available £2.3 billion in capital investment over three years to transform diagnostic services, including improving digital diagnostic capabilities, and we have opened 153 community diagnostic centres, delivering more than six million additional scans to date.

“The NHS carefully considers any treatment or procedure proven to improve or speed up diagnosis.”

Words by Lucy Johnston, Health and Social Affairs Editor of the Sunday Express 

John Lewis to offer in-store blood tests to millions of Brits to help slash NHS waitlist |