Genetic Testing.

Prevention is key at Randox Health, where our aim is to identify risk factors for disease and motivate our clients to be proactive about their health. With advances in genomics and the study of the human genome (the entire human DNA sequence), it is now possible to screen for large numbers of inherited conditions in one test.

Randox Genomics Services, now available at Randox Health, provides genetic testing for genes associated with a range of cancers and cardiac conditions. Our testing can help you discover if you are at risk of developing cancer or an inherited cardiac condition.

What does a Genetic Test Involve?


A Randox Health scientist will talk you through the test process and discuss the details of the genetic tests being undertaken*

Sample Collection

Genetic testing requires a simple blood sample; no specific preparations are necessary.


DNA analysis is performed within our own laboratory in Northern Ireland, with results available within 6 weeks.


You will receive a written report describing your results. Your report will highlight key variants identified with significance for risk of disease, including clinical interpretation and advice regarding next steps, where applicable*

*The scientist may ask questions about your family history to build a more detailed picture of your genetic risk and discuss with you the potential impact of genetic results for both you and your family.


*Please note that Randox Health does not provide Genetic Counselling services. For detailed advice on the interpretation, inheritance patterns and clinical impact of your genetic results, we recommend that you see a genetic counsellor or another appropriate specialist.

Types of Genetic Testing.

Genetic Cancer Testing.

A cancer genetics test is a DNA test to discover whether you are carrying a genetic mutation that could cause cancer.


The Randox Biochip enables us to simultaneously examine dozens of genes at once, giving our clients truly unrivalled knowledge and their current and future health.

Genetic Cardiac Testing.

Genetic testing can be used to find out whether you have a specific altered gene or a genetic fault which can lead to an inherited heart condition (IHC).


Using the Randox Biochip targets key genes associated with inherited cardiac conditions including cardiomyopathies, arrhythmias & hypercholesterolaemia.