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You’ve visited Randox Health, had a blood test, and received your results. Your report shows that you don’t have any urgent health concerns and you’re wondering, what’s next? Rather than carry on as if nothing has changed, why not make the most of your newly found unique health data and order your personalised supplementation programme? Randox Health have partnered with Bioniq to offer world-leading personalised supplements based on your health results.

What makes Bioniq so special? Well, the results speak for themselves: 95% of customers report better sleep quality, 87% perceive faster physical recovery, and 75% feel a boost in energy levels. Let’s take a look at what sets Bioniq apart.



To make truly personalised supplements, Bioniq’s proprietary algorithm considers up to 50 blood biomarkers related to nutrition, to determine your deficiencies and decide what to include in your unique daily supplements. There are up to 120 nutrients in Bioniq Pro supplements, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, microelements, phytonutrients and more. Bioniq recommends blood tests every few months to monitor your biochemical fingerprint, allowing them to adjust the ingredients to make sure you get the most out of your supplements.


Revolutionary Delivery Technology:

Unlike most supplements which come in tablet or capsule form, Bioniq Pro supplements come as granules. Tablets and capsules are often destroyed by stomach acid before reaching the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed. Bioniq granules are made from prebiotic fibres that survive the harsh environment of the stomach, allowing them to travel to the small intestine intact, providing a more reliable delivery system and helping you get the full benefit of each ingredient. These granules are:


    • Swiss-made
    • Gluten, colourant and preservative-free
    • Vegan friendly
    • World Anti-Doping Agency compliant


Keeping you Informed:

At Randox Health, we value the importance of education and information to help you fully understand your results and the implications they may have. Bioniq share this philosophy, with a 1:1 consultation with a nutritionist after each blood test, free access to online fitness classes, and health and nutrition content included, you can be sure you really are getting the most out of your supplement programme.


Proprietary Database:

Over the last decade, Bioniq have collated a database of over 4 million biochemical data points from people all around the world – the largest of its kind. This database enables their algorithm to compare your results with a large dataset, to provide market-leading personalisation and precision in supplement dosing. This revolutionary method has allowed Bioniq to deliver 200,000 times more personalised supplements than other brands.


There’s More?

Yes! On top of all that, Bioniq Pro packages include a supply of omega-3 which can be vegan friendly on request. Rather than fish oil, Bioniq offer a vegan alternative which is certified by the Vegan Society. In the package, you’ll receive 2 free, metal travel containers to store your 3-month supply of supplements.


In Short:

  • 100% custom supplements
  • Up to 120 nutrients in your formula
  • Omega-3 included
  • 3 months supply per shipment
  • Swiss-made, revolutionary granules
  • Convenient travel case
  • 1:1 nutritionist consultation
  • Free access to online fitness classes
  • Free health and nutrition content

Getting started is simple. Step 1: book your blood test with Randox Health. Step 2: upload your results to the Bioniq website and let their algorithm go to work. Step 3: your 100% personalised supplements will be delivered to your doorstep. Step 4: have a chat with a Bioniq certified nutritionist who can answer any questions you have. Kick off the process today by visiting

Your results from our Everyman | Everywoman and Discovery tests can be used for your analysis by Bioniq. Alternatively, you can purchase your blood test and supplements package together here.