Randox Health partner with REVIV.

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Randox Health have entered into an exciting new partnership with REVIV

Randox Health clinics are pioneering preventative healthcare, bringing the world’s most advanced and personalised health programmes directly to the public – with the goal of harnessing the power of testing and data to shift healthcare away from sickness management and towards a more proactive approach.

This partnership with REVIV, who championed commercialised IV therapy, will allow people to see real-time results from taking steps to protect their health and to experience the future of wellness.

The IV therapy and booster shot services include:

The Megaboost, that was designed with wellness in mind. This infusion is packed with B vitamins, vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals to accomplish restoration of the body’s essential nutrients in one drip.

The Miniboost, similar to its larger counterpart, the Megaboost, is not to be underestimated. Containing B vitamins, vitamin C and antioxidants, it can support energy levels and the immune system whilst aiding protection against cell-damaging free radicals.

The Hydromax, which aims to replenish your body’s salts and water.

The Vitaglow, which can support detoxification of free radicals that accumulate in the body from exposure to pollutants, daily stresses and chemicals including pesticides.

A full list of all REVIV drip therapies and booster shots will be available in Randox Health clinics across London.

 On REVIV partnering with Randox Health, David Ferguson, Chief Operating Officer, said: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in people’s behaviours as they seek to understand their health and wellbeing better. At Randox Health, we provide a range of specialised health packages that enable you to take control of your health.

Our innovative diagnostic technologies can deliver hundreds of results to give you a comprehensive overview of your health and help detect the earliest signs of illness. Collaborating with REVIV is a natural next step, combining our world-class diagnostic services with REVIV’s signature IV therapies to help our customers protect their current and future health.”