Full Body Health Check Designed for Everyone

Gain a comprehensive and personalised understanding of your whole body to protect yourself now and in the future. Our Everyman and Everywoman packages include;

  • Up to 150 results across a range of key health areas, providing a detailed picture of your health
  • Biomarker tracking, track your progress and improvements with repeat testing after 6 months
  • User-friendly reports highlighting results of interest and areas for improvement
  • Follow-up consultations with a Randox Health Scientist provide an ideal opportunity to review all findings, ask questions and understand how you can improve your results
  • Personalised health plan containing highly sophisticated health and lifestyle advice

*£500 can be paid upfront for either package or you can opt for a direct debit option of £60 initial payment and then £40 per month over 11 months.

Tests Included in Package

Body CompositionPersonal Health Measurements

Body CompositionBody Compositions

Body CompositionFull Blood Count

Body CompositionIron Status

Body CompositionHeart Health

Body CompositionDiabetes Health

Body CompositionMetabolic Syndrome

Body CompositionKidney Health

Body CompositionUrinalysis

Body CompositionLiver Health

Body CompositionPancreatic Health

Body CompositionDigestive Health

Body CompositionNutritional Health

Body CompositionMuscle & Joint Health

Body CompositionBone Health

Body CompositionAllergy Evaluation

Body CompositionInfection & Inflammation

Body CompositionThyroid Health

Body CompositionHormonal Health